Its very interesting to know about Sex Secrets of Escorts

Female escorts


Sex requires skills to make the experience unforgettable. These models know the finer points of sharing fantasies, oral sex, foreplay, tantra, and pornography. Many men are not basically interested in a sexual intercourse. They don’t just need an orgasm. Many men pay a lot of money just to cuddle, talk and have fun through foreplay and getting instructions on how to please their women sexually.


Many men go for these models because they know how to provide the experience they desire. If you give a man the experience he desires, he won’t have a reason to hang out with another woman. Perhaps, you have heard many men say that if their women did certain things or if they liked doing things in certain ways, they would spend all their time together. Failure by women to give men the experiences they desire is among the major reasons why they go for these companions. Essentially, many men book companions to get the experience they don’t get at home.

Men are naturally visual beings. After a man penetrates a woman, it’s almost over. As such, men love women that take time to entertain them visually. Female escorts know this and they spend much of their time in foreplay. This enables them to provide an optimal experience unlike ordinary women that just want to hurriedly satisfy men sexually and move on to complete domestic chores.  

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