Top three facts Sex work in Las Vegas

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  1. Indoor sex work entails selling illegal sex through outcall entertainers, venues like casinos, nightclubs, and bars as well as independent companions and call girls. The amount earned by providers of outdoor prostitution is the same with that earned by outdoor prostitutes. However, some may request a higher pay. Women that provide indoor prostitution can earn tens or even hundreds of dollars. Some earn thousands of dollars when they perform unusual shows.
  2. There are many arrests for commercial sex or prostitution vice made in Las Vegas every month. These involve juvenile prostitution as well as related offenses.
  3. People convicted of pimping prostitutes actively or pandering without a licensed brothel in Las Vegas risk facing sex punishments. Pandering is also known as sex trafficking and it’s a Category B felony. This can attract a punishment of 3 to 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000 in addition to restitution which the family or prostitute may demand. Pandering underage girls is a Category A felony. This can lead to life imprisonment and a maximum fine of $20,000.

Defending against convictions that relate to sex work in any form in Las Vegas is generally difficult. However, some people get their cases dismissed or prison time shortened with the right defense plan.

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