Where is Mukesh Ambani Storing All the Money From?

We have been hearing constant media reports speculating on the exact location of Mukesh Ambani’s retirement home. Many investors are of the opinion that Reliance Industries has kept the Reliance Limited company’s name as a place to park its money and assets. However, there is no direct confirmation about any of this. There is a reason why we are getting these reports. The reason is that the exact location of Reliance Industries is being kept a secret and is not discussed in any open media platform.

Earlier, there was a controversy about Reliance Industries with regards to the acquisition of stakes in majority of the oil exploration and production companies. This controversy came into light when some shareholders of the company demanded for a breakdown of their income statement and balance sheet to determine the exact amount of cash the company’s senior management was holding. This demand was rejected by the company’s Board of Directors. But, later it was leaked that the company’s executives were actually keeping all the cash assets of the company in secret.

All this means that where is Mukesh Ambani storing all the money? Or, is he simply trying to run away from the charges of huge financial mismanagement at Reliance Industries? Or is he trying to run to the shores of South abroad, like his father? Who knows! But, the point is that now we know where Mukesh Ambani is, what is the real story behind his retirement?

According to the media reports quoting people in the know, Mukesh is not planning to run away to a Caribbean island or some such exotic place as per the media reports quoting him. Instead, he is trying to run a business from Singapore which is under the control of his Singapore-based family. It is true that his father Ravi invested huge amount of money in the company’s expansion and development. However, according to reliable sources in the company’s board, Mukesh is now enjoying the fruits of his own labor by running a business from Singapore which is not only lucrative but also secured.

This revelation throws more light on the mystery of the Reliance Industries where is Mukesh Ambani keeping all the money? Some corporate analysts opine that it is because of the fact that the founder of the company kept all the assets during his retirement and now he wants to utilize these assets for his welfare. But, on the other hand it could also be because of the huge accumulated debts and unpaid dues of the company’s former employees. These assets could be sold off in the market or can be mortgaged to meet the payment of the company’s debt. Whatever is the reason, it is certain that this secret is no longer a secret and is slowly leaking out to the neighboring businesses as well.

In the past, it was disclosed that the then Prime Minister of India had a secret stash of money tucked away in some trust accounts. Later on; it was revealed that the assets of both former Prime Ministers of India were hidden in these accounts. It is believed that these accounts were used by the former Indian government as a financial tool to winover the foreign investors. In fact, according to reports there are several corporate giants who have gotten benefits by investing in Reliance. Moreover, various stock markets across the world are also enjoying the fruits of M Mukesh Ambani’s retirement fund. Thus, it can be concluded that RIL holds considerable amount of money that is not being used as profits by the company.

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